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Guest Beers

This new format website will allow us to keep a reasonably up to date list of guest beers.

Aspall’s Suffolk Cider

Clean, crisp cider with a refreshing character 5.5%     £3.40 per pint

 Bitburger Pils

Light gold in colour and well hopped lager               4.8%    £3.40pp

 Budweiser Budvar

Czech premium dark lager                                         4.7%    £3.60pp

 Grisette Fruits Des Bois

Belgian mixed fruit beer                                             3.5%     £5.40pp

 Grisette Pom Cool

Belgian apple and grapefruit beer                               3.5%     £5.40pp

 Guiness Draught Stout

Brewed in Dublin                                                        4.1%     £3.40pp

 Kasteel Blonde

Blonde Belgian ale                                                      7.0%    £6.40pp

 Kasteel Rouge

Belgian cherry fruit beer                                             8.0%    £6.40pp

 Nastro Azzuro Peroni

Italian lager                                                                 5.1%     £3.60pp

 Scrumpy Jack

A wonderful dry cider from Hereford                        5.2%    £3.40pp

 Watou Wit

Cloudy, lemony wheat beer                                       5.0%    £3.80pp