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The Back Shelf


BarBar – Winter Bock 8%
£2.25 per half pint £1.50 per third pint
A wonderful high fermented winter brown ale containing honey

Bitburger Pils 4.8%
£3.20 per pint
Light gold in colour, fairly dry, and well hopped.

London Porter 6.5%
£3.80 per pint
No fewer than seven malts go into our Porter, helping recreate a recipe of 1750, specially chosen to bring you the flavours so loved by Londoners

Watou Wit (Wheat Beer) 5%
£1.80 per half pint
Fantastic lemony taste, cloudy refreshing wheat beer, the original Wheat Beer served in the Prince of Wales.

Scrumpy Jack 6%
£2.70 per pint
A dry Cider, produced in Hereford by Bulmers.

Brugse Zot (formery Straffe Hendrik) 6%
£1.80 per half pint  £1.20 per third pint
Grapefruit/lemon aroma with banana notes.Goes down smoothly with a slightly bitter finish.

La Chouffe 8%
£2.50 per half pint, £1.70 per third pint
The Legend That is La Chouffe! Highly enjoyable and dangerously drinkable!

Fruli Cranberry 4.1%
£2.40 per half pint, £1.60 per third pint.
Wheat beer with fruit added, thirst quenching and sweet.

Aspalls Suffolk Cider 5.5%
£2.70 per pint
A powerful apple aroma leads into a crisp, clean cider.

Dupont Saison 6.5%
£1.80 per half pint, £1.20 per third pint
The best example of how a saison (Season) beer should be.

Cristal Pils 5%
£3.00 per pint
An easy drinking Belgian Lager.